Peace and Stability Operations & Support


This page has just been started and is Under Construction as of 29th July 2016 to articilate our work in this mutually interrelated area that we have contributed to on an ongoing basis in our companies 32 year history. As our group of company's private company roots are very much that of a defence contractor and Ordnance & Aviation Engineering Developer, and we are not publically funded in any way for this area, we work with NGOs, other companies and organizations, and governments to accomplish these ongoing objectives.


We not only see no contradiction between our field and Peace and Stability Operations Support, but in fact they are mutually complemenary. You cannot have one without the other. It is also better to have ongoing proactive engagement, rather then acting at the last minite as the International community is infamous for doing (traddition mostly), when things have already "gone to S..t" Its always "more expensive" then for the hapless victims at that point of no return. When the people in our field operate to the highest professional standards we are like the logistic supply for a Hospital ICU or Emerg Dept and it is a very special moment when our work can make a difference in the lives of others.


Right now we are also working on a donated medical aid projects, one with and an NGO for two theaters of operation. It is truly tragic when someone's country and home and surrounding area become a "theater of operations", but right now it is what it is, and it falls to people like you and I to step up and deliver, and to "stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves", at least yet.